Audience Specific Advertising Solution (ASA) for Department stores.

AI & Vision Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.

Audience Specific Advertising.

Onsite advertising in department stores, particularly in middle income and developed countries is widely used to increase sales through impulse or ad-hoc purchases. This is a marketing tool where a demand and desire to purchase is created in the mind of potential customers/ window shoppers via a continuous live advertisement inside the store. Conventional method is to run a series of advertisements on pre plan time slots without addressing the needs and wants of the customers who are inside the department store currently. Although relatively less expensive, the effectiveness of such a system is not very impressive and fast becoming outdated. Hence audience specific advertising emerged to address these issues and becoming increasingly popular in modern & vibrant department stores.

Our ASA Solution tries to select advertisements depending upon the majority of the customer segment on site at any given time.

Segmentations can be

  • Gender base
  • Age base
  • Emotional base
  • Weather base

How ASA solution works.

The software identifies the audience based on above segments live on a continuous basis and selects the most appropriate advertisement to cater to the majority at any given time depending on the length of the advertisement. The system keeps on functioning in this manner selecting and airing the next most suitable advertisement. Also if the density of the audience is less, the system will stop advertising automatically and commences when the threshold limit of customers inside the store is reached.

AI & Vision Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.

Clients will enjoy the following Advantages through ASA solution:

  • Addresses emotions of customers' inside the store and motivates impulse buying.
  • Very effective compared to conventional onsite advertising.
  • Creates a thought provoking and vibrant environment inside the store.
  • Possibility of making it as an additional income generator from respective products if negotiated properly with respective suppliers.