Frequently Asked Questions.

There are imported expensive cameras called ANPR cameras which can recognise License Plates. However, we use regular cameras with sophisticated internally developed software system combined with Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning technology (ML) to detect and recognise Sri Lankan vehicle registration numbers. RNRS system is significantly different from expensive imported systems since it recognises all the parameters in local registration number plates including Province code and special registration numbers with sinhala letters such as “යුහ,නාහ,ගුවන් “ with an accuracy of over 95% for all number plates with RMV format . It can be customized to the special requirement of our valued customers within its capabilities and scalable to become cost effective. We are yet to find a system with all these features in Sri Lanka except for our solution.

Yes we guarantee over 95% accuracy for any conditions for all Registration Number plates with RMV standard format subject to maintaining the following

  1. Region of detection as marked by supplier.
  2. Vehicle speed within the Region of detection to be a maximum of 20 km/h.
  3. Distance between two vehicles to be over 2.5 meters.
  4. Readable(by Human Eye) Registration number plates without physical damage or faded characters.
  5. Registration number plate should be visible to the camera and should not be covered by any object / human.

Our programs are set on Machine Learning technology thus self learning. The more processes of different registration number plates occur the better the accuracy of recognition becomes. Therefore we expect the recognition accuracy to go beyond 95% level as the system matures by recognising different registration number plates.

Yes if the existing barriers are motor driven. However, one has to check whether these barriers conform to standard safety requirements. Our system does not need barrier gates, but barrier gates will help fee collection purposes and other practical issues.

We offer unlimited guarantee for the RNRS software with free upgrades and 2 years guarantee for all the equipment supplied. We encourage our valued customers to enter into a service and maintenance agreement with us to cover the period after the initial 2 years warranty period.

Our servers, computers, switches, camares, printers etc are all from reputed brands and conform to international standards. We use outdoor / indoor / waterproof / dust proof appliances /cables as per the application requirement.

The servers are placed on site under client's custody and they will have the absolute discretion to grant access.

If barrier gates are available and only the RNRS system is to be installed, the delivery period is 2 weeks. However, if barrier gates are also needed to be installed, delivery period depends but generally it will be 4-5 weeks. However, the exact delivery period can be ascertained only after a proper site visit and inspection.

Yes. RNRS software system can handle multi entrance and multi exit situations.

Yes . We do undertake free site visits and offer free estimates for both RNRS system and Parking management system.

For all our RNRS system and park management solutions, we do not charge an annual licensing fee. However, if only RNRS software is purchased with a view to install it and run with existing hardware, we have an option to proceed with an annual licensing fee.