Traffic law violation detection.

Road indiscipline has been a costly issue particularly for developing nations. The road disciplines in the subcontinent countries are known to be in a very poor state. Our solution towards this problem is ready for deployment after very successful off sites and pilot tests. Authorities can implement the solutions after two months of actual tests on public roads. The cutting edge innovation can detect the following violations unattended.

  • Red light Violation Detection.
  • Illegal Lane Change Detection.
  • Speed Violation Detection.
  • Helmet Violation Detection.

The system will have the following features and with the help of certain government institutions expected deliverables can be met without a big issue.

  • The system detects violation online real time.
  • Vehicle Registration number of the violators will be recognised.
  • The system saves data such as Vehicle Registration number, date, time and image of the vehicle at the time of violation which will act as evidence of the violation.
  • Generation of alerts of violations automatically as and when it occurs.
  • Generation of penalty notes automatically along with an image of vehicle as evidence.
  • System will have the ability to generate analytical reports depending upon the requirement of authorities.